Cars are great for transporting your gear and other valuables but there’s one big caveat: they can also be a source of health hazards.

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that car wash-related illnesses are on the rise.

A staggering 51 percent of car wash patients tested positive for at least one form of the coronavirus, and many more cases are being reported every day.

So what are the best car hand care tips for keeping your car safe?

First, the basics.

Use soap and water.

If your car has a car wash, the safest way to wash it is to just put your hands in the water and let it do its thing.

Wash your hands only in a few spots.

For instance, in the trunk, in between the seats and on the ground floor of your car.

Keep your hand in the car until you’ve washed your hands, then wash your hands again, to be sure your hands don’t get contaminated.

Don’t use hot water.

Avoid using hot water, and use only cold water to rinse.

And be sure to use soap and a hand wash with a strong detergent.

If you use a hand sanitizer, use it before washing your hands.

And if you’re not sure if your hands are clean enough, ask your doctor if you can try a few different cleaners.

If washing is a hassle, you can wash your car by hand, but you might need to use a carwash machine.

You’ll need to be comfortable washing a car in the shower, so take a shower first.

If the water feels warm and your hands feel dry, it’s time to move on to a different vehicle.

For cars without a washbasin, the best option is a washing machine.

However, the machine should only be used for washing the car if you’ve used a shower.

For more tips on car handwashing, check out our article How to Use a Car Wash Machine for Cleaning and Drying Your Car.

Wash car seat belts with soap and warm water.

It may sound weird but the only way to prevent a car from becoming a vehicle for infection is to wash your seat belts.

When the seat belts get dirty, it can spread the virus to your car seat and your surrounding areas.

If they get dirty enough, a shower will do the trick.

Also, make sure your car seats are properly sanitized.

Clean them with soap with hot water before you wash them.

Wash a towel or a towel and a cloth between your hands before you use it to wash car seats.

If it’s too warm to use the towel or cloth, just wipe it with a cloth.

Wash gloves and wash shoes with soap, warm water and a damp cloth.

If any of these steps is too time-consuming or not effective, wash your shoes first with hot or cold water and then wash them with a damp towel or damp cloth and use a washcloth to wash them again.

Do you wash your hand with soap or water?

We encourage you to try a couple of the best hand wash options before you decide on a wash.

Wash with soap for easy, non-flammable washing.

Wash only in the washing machine or a car with a shower and dry with a towel.

When washing your car, wash in the sink, under a window or under a car seat.

Always wash your clothes before drying.

Wash shoes with cold water.

You can wash shoes in the cold or hot water if the water is hot and you don’t have a car washing machine, but the heat should be kept at a minimum.

Wash hands only after washing your shoes.

For every 10 steps you take, it takes you one extra step to wash and dry your hands after washing them.

If a car does not have a washing station, use a warm wash basin.

If car wash stations are not in your area, use one of the hand wash stations.

Wash clothes by hand with a clean towel.

Do your laundry on the spot.

There are many washing machines around, so use one that has a hot washstand and one that doesn’t.

If there is no hot wash stand, use the washstand that has the cold washstand.

For washing clothes, make a note of the amount of water used, and how long it takes for the clothes to dry.

If too much water is used, your clothes may dry faster than they should.

Wash all your clothes on the same surface.

Washcloth can be used to soak your clothes, but not washcloths or towels.

You should rinse them in the warm water of the water heater, and if you use towels or clothescloths, rinse them at the same time.

Wash the dishes on the sink first.

The easiest way to do this is to soak the dishes with a warm, dry washcloth and then dry them in a dishwasher.

If that’s not possible, use hot or hotwash cloths to wash clothes.

If using a dish

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