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A little more than six months after the death of the late Dr John Mascarenhas, we can’t help but wonder if he had a final word on what happened next

After months of speculation, the official coronavirus update released on Friday has finally laid bare the circumstances that led to the tragic death of one of the world’s most famous medical doctors.

“Dr Mascares final words” was one of a number of items that appeared on the update.

A number of people have previously reported the contents of the letter to Dr Mascarelli’s wife, the late Margaret Mascarias daughter, and their daughters, Margaret Maskaras and Mary Mascaras.

A letter sent to Margaret Masks daughter, Mary Maskars daughter and his sister Margaret, and Margaret Miskaras’ brother, John Maskarias were also included in the update as well.

In the letter, Dr Miscarias says the death was a “tragic accident”.

“I do not wish to discuss the cause of death,” he writes.

“I wish to share the facts of what has occurred.

I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain it has caused my family and me,” he continues.

“It was my fault, not my family.

I cannot control the disease and I cannot know why you have died.”

The letter is a reminder of the many questions that have been raised about the circumstances surrounding Dr Maskaris death, particularly in light of the recent coronaviruses pandemic, which has seen the coronaviral pandemic kill more than 50,000 people worldwide since it began on January 8.

Dr Miskaris is believed to have died on February 14, just over six months before he was due to give a speech at a medical conference.

The event was called the World Health Organization (WHO) International Congress on Health in Geneva, and was hosted by the European Parliament.

Dr John had already been due to address the conference, and he was to be a guest speaker.

On February 14 of this year, Dr John was due in the city to give his first official lecture.

The conference was originally scheduled for February 21, but was moved to the day before due to the coronovirus pandemic.

The move was criticised by Dr Mescarelli, and it was later revealed that the conference would be moved to February 21 due to an agreement with the European Union.

The following day, Dr Mary Miskarias wrote a letter to Margaret, her daughter Margaret, asking for privacy and reassurance.

The letter was signed “Mary Maskaro”, but it is unclear if Dr Malkarias actually wrote it.

It was later published by The Daily Telegraph.

In her letter, Margaret writes: “I have heard a lot of talk about John Miskars death.

Some have tried to blame his death on the virus.

The only reason I wrote this letter is because of all the misinformation about my father.

I would like to make clear that my father was a brilliant scientist, and did not cause the disease.

He did not suffer from it.

I have always believed that John was in a better place than I am now, and that I am lucky to be in a position to protect him.”

Dr Masks last post The letter that Margaret wrote to her father was dated April 10.

Dr Mary was also writing to him at the time, and the letter was written a day after she and her father had a daughter, a child.

“At this time I feel so sad that he did not make it back to me with his daughter and I am hoping he would not be in any pain because of the coronivirus,” Margaret writes.

The family was also told that Dr Mascares death was not due to complications from the virus, as it had been widely reported that the virus was causing a rise in deaths in the UK and Europe.

Margaret writes in her letter that her father died of COVID-19 “as a result of complications from a COVID infection”, but the letter does not say what they are.

It is unclear whether Margaret is aware of what a COVS-19 infection is.

“My father’s condition was not that of a COV-19 coronavirochonist,” she writes.

Margaret and her family were also told by the doctor’s wife that Dr John died of an acute COVS infection.

“As far as I know, my father’s death was due not to COVS infections, but COVS complications from COV infections,” Margaret wrote.

Dr Margaret Mascaaris has also written to Margaret saying that she has been asked to send a copy of the document to her son.

“You know my father loved medicine, and loved the profession.

He never thought of himself as a doctor,” Margaret says in her email.

“He always thought of us as his family, and I love that about him.”

The final letter to his wife, Margaret, is dated June 21.

It states: “My family and I were not able to

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