The car is described as a second-generation Ford Explorer.

In the picture, it is in the condition of a first-generation car.

“We just wanted to have it as a first generation car,” said owner Mark Sperling.

Sperling said he and his wife were inspired by an ad on Craigslist that featured two cars for sale on Craigslist in Idaho.

He asked the person on the ad to put up a photo of their second- and third-hand cars.

The seller’s photo was on a postcard.

The listing, which is still active, said the second-gen car had a “great interior,” had “an excellent driver’s seat, great interior, and the seller said the seller has a second hand.”

It also said the car was “fully restored.”

Sperlings bought the second hand Explorer from the seller for $10,000.

After receiving the first-gen Explorer, Sperlings said he noticed some major problems with the interior, including the lack of seats, headrests, and headlight.

He said the rear bumper and bumper pads were missing.

He said he also noticed the rear brake ducts were missing and a few pieces of wiring were missing as well.

He also noticed that the windshield was missing.

Sigfried, of Boise, bought the vehicle for $6,000, but the seller, who lives in Idaho, said Sigfried is paying him for the car.

The seller told Sperlers that he is working on fixing the car and that the buyer should have the car repaired for a few thousand dollars.

He said Sigfinger also is considering selling the car, but he needs the money first.

Sigfors owner, Mark Sederberg, said he had no comment on the car until he heard about the story.

A second-year buyer at Sperring’s dealership told the Associated Press that the car is “in pretty good condition” and that there are no problems with it.

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