BOULDER, Idaho — Residents of a tiny Idaho town are looking for a second-ever car, as their city’s carpooling boom has forced them to seek out vehicles they never would have considered buying.

The cars were on display for the first time Monday at a car show in Boise, a city of more than 15,000.

The cars range in age from the 1970s-era Chevy Cobalt, to the 2010-era Lincoln MKS sedan, to modern models like the Ford Fusion and Toyota Corolla.

Beth Clark, a resident of Boise’s southwest corner, said she was thrilled to see a new car for herself, but she was skeptical about the price.

“I’m not a big car guy, but I have to admit I am really excited about this,” Clark said.

Clark said she and her husband, Doug, a firefighter, were looking to buy the second-generation Chevy Cobacy to go with their carpool.

Doug Clark said he and his wife, Beth, were both excited to have a second car on their driveway.

She said she would prefer to drive a different car, such as a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a Chevy Silverado pickup.

In an effort to raise awareness of the growing trend of second-wheeled vehicles, the Boise City Council passed a resolution last year requiring citizens to buy a second vehicle for personal use, such, “a vehicle that can drive safely and efficiently to and from work, school, shopping, etc.”

The council said it would consider adopting regulations requiring second-wheeled vehicles to be registered and insured.

More than 100 local businesses are participating in the second car program, and local governments are looking to add more to the program, including an increase in the tax on the vehicle, Clark said, but added that the community should be proactive in getting the word out about this trend.

There is a $25 annual fee to register a second wheeled vehicle.

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