Boise man who helped save car on fire in Idaho says he doesn’t want it to be seen as ‘scandal’

Boise, Idaho – A man who saved a car on a fire in a second-story window was upset by the incident and wanted the incident to be viewed as “scandal.”

John Bresnahan, 46, who lives in Boise but works in a local gas station, was driving his family’s car home from work Thursday when the car in the second-floor window started to burn.

“I don’t want anybody to think that the fire is an accident,” Bresanys brother, Mike, told the Idaho Statesman.

The Bresanyas were driving home from a local Walmart, which was closed because of the fire.

They stopped and called 911 when they noticed smoke coming from the front of the car.

A firefighter got out and looked inside the car and found the car had caught fire.

Bresanies family, along with neighbors and the town’s fire marshal, came to the rescue.

When the firefighters arrived, the car was already burning and the flames had reached Bresana’s back window.

Bresnanys family, including his mother, who was driving, helped him out of the burning car, but were concerned for the safety of the entire family.

Fire crews arrived and quickly extinguished the fire, but Bresnanies family was still inside the burning vehicle, so firefighters began to treat the car for smoke inhalation.

After getting out of there, the Bresanas called the fire department and were told the fire was under control and the entire fire was contained.

Later in the day, firefighters found the gas station’s windows covered in melted plastic, and said the windows were still burning.

That’s when Bresans brother Mike, a firefighter, contacted the town of Boise.

Boise firefighters, who were working with Boise police, arrived and helped Bresandis brother Mike and his mother leave the burning, burning vehicle.

At this point, they were going to keep an eye on the fire and the safety concerns that they had for the entire neighborhood, Bresanias brother Mike told the newspaper.

He said the family had been told not to go outside without an emergency plan, but the family decided to make the call anyways, as the family is friends with some of the firefighters and have worked with them before.

While the family was in the burning SUV, Mike Bresnoras wife, Kimberly, called 911, asking the dispatcher to call Boise Fire Department.

She was told that Bresmanys family was inside and that B Resnoras was inside the SUV, according to The Associated Press.

Mike Bresnas brother, Chris, was working with firefighters on the scene.

According to the AP, the fire officials told the family to call them again.

By the time firefighters got to the scene, B Resnahans family had already left the burning van and was waiting in the parking lot, but he was still breathing on the floor of the burned car.

After the B Resanyas arrived, firefighters called 911 again and asked the family again to come outside, the AP reported.

This time, they told the B Sanyans to stay inside.

As firefighters arrived on the spot, they saw the B resnahan family’s vehicle engulfed in flames and Bresa’s mother and daughter were inside the vehicle, the news outlet reported.

B Resnans mother and brother, both of whom were outside, rushed to the burning scene.

 The fire department’s chief told the news outlets that he was able to pull out the children from the vehicle.

The firefighters were able to put out the fire while they were outside.

An ambulance was called and took the B Bresns mother and her two daughters out of danger.

It’s not clear whether the children are okay.

Besanyas family told the AP that they would have been better off staying inside if not for the fire that engulfed their vehicle.

They said they were not expecting to be able to get home from the gas store in Boisa because the fire wasn’t under control.

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