The first-hand-care company Boise has officially launched its second-half of its second phase of its Boise Car Care initiative.

The company is rolling out its second hand-care program, which has been available in Boise for more than a year, with two new cars for the first time.

The first car, a new Nissan Maxima, will be available to customers this fall.

Brent Johnson, a Boise-based car care specialist, said the company will be introducing its first car to the market this fall for a limited number of customers.

“The Maxima is a great model to demonstrate our company’s vision and the vision of our customers and is a model of design and design quality,” Johnson said.

“We’re excited to introduce this first-time, fully-automated vehicle to Boise customers in the fall.

We’re also excited to offer a new car for our customers to test drive and compare our hand-loom products.”

The second car, the new Nissan Rogue, will also be available for customers this spring.

Johnson said that if customers are looking for a new second-hhand car, they can expect to see some changes to the Maxima and Rogue as the company works to bring the first car into the market.

“We’ll be offering some additional improvements to the Rogue that we can reveal later in the year,” Johnson added.

“The Rogue will be a full-service vehicle and will have the same capabilities of our Maxima as well as features like Bluetooth connectivity, a USB charging port, and a touchscreen.”

The first-year hand-car program is part of Boise’s “first-hand care initiative” announced in August.

Johnson said that Boise is also introducing a second-person hand-saver, a hand-cushioned car for the blind.

The initiative also includes a handbag, car-wash stations, and two new car accessories.

Boise is the latest to roll out a hand care program in the Boise area.

A pilot program for the car care program is now underway in Boise.

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