Electric-car maker Tesla offers guaranteed second-half second hand price to customers

The electric-carmaker Tesla is offering guaranteed second hand-priced second hand to customers in Hong Kong and the mainland, its new second-generation electric car said on Wednesday.

Tesla said it would pay $1,000 in the first week of December for a second hand car to be delivered to customers, which would be worth $600 if it is used within two years.

The price is for a standard second hand model, which means that it would have to be driven for 30,000 kilometres to meet its standard warranty.

“The Tesla Guaranteed Second Hand price is not for sale, and is only available as an incentive,” a Tesla spokesperson said in a statement.

The company has been in the news lately because of a recent incident in which two people were injured when a Model S sedan crashed into the back of another Model S. A second accident involving a Tesla Model X SUV also resulted in injuries.

The first-generation Model S electric car is priced at $70,000 (HK$86,500).

Its next-generation version, the Model 3, is scheduled to go on sale in 2018.

Tesla has also launched a limited-edition electric-vehicle called the Roadster, which has a range of around 250 kilometres.

It will also offer a new version of the Model S, the Roadrunner, to customers for a price of $70/km.

The Model 3 is priced between $70K to $95K.

In Hong Kong, a $1.5 million guarantee is required to buy a second-handed car, and the Tesla Guarantee price is only $1k.

Tesla’s Model 3 has a starting price of around $90,000, which will be cheaper than the $75,000 price point of the original Model S model.

Tesla confirmed the offer to The Globe and Mail.

Tesla is also offering guaranteed Second Hand Price to customers through its website.

The guarantee is valid for a maximum of two years from the date of delivery, and can be extended for up to one year.

Tesla says it will offer the guarantee to customers with a vehicle that meets the following criteria: The Model S must meet the safety requirements as outlined in the Vehicle Safety Standard.

It must be of a certain age and meet all vehicle-related safety requirements.

It is required for a certain period of time to be used and to meet the warranty requirements.

Tesla will not guarantee the reliability of any Model S or Roadster.

The Guaranteed Guarantee Price applies only to a limited number of vehicles to be sold and is subject to change without notice.

The Tesla Guarantees are available for purchase at Tesla’s website or by phone, email, or by mail.

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