The first-hand cars business is on edge amid Donald Trump’s sweeping new gun control laws.

In response to a petition from Secondhand Car Dealers Association, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will begin enforcing new gun safety regulations on car dealers and online sales.

The Bureau has also launched a program to help people buy used cars through third-party dealers.

“We are very excited that the ATF has announced they are enforcing the new rules,” said Chris Johnson, president of Secondhand Cars Association, which represents dealers.

“We are also very worried that the Trump administration is going to impose new regulations and restrictions on the industry.”

The ATF has previously imposed stricter gun safety measures on other retail sectors, such as gas stations, while making it more difficult for car dealers to sell to the public.

A new rule announced last week requires the sale of all first-generation cars with a starting price of $75,000 to dealers, and all second-generation and newer cars starting at $60,000.

The rule also requires that a dealership must have a full-time staff of at least 10 employees to sell cars to consumers.

While the ATF is imposing restrictions on online sales, the bureau will also enforce gun safety rules for other categories of car sales.

For instance, if a car is being used for the purchase of a child under age 18, it will need to have a dealer’s license plate.

Secondhand Car Association has filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, asking the agency to expand the scope of its rules to include cars that are sold through third parties.

The group is also asking for a special designation from the National Association of Manufacturers to include “all second-hand and used cars.”

At a press conference Thursday, ATF Director Michael Sullivan said that “we don’t want to have to enforce the laws of the land, and we don’t have to do it all the time.”

He added that it was not the bureau’s intent to force manufacturers to comply with regulations that the public would not accept.

Sullivan also said that there was “no way” that the rule would have a “material impact” on the number of people who buy used car cars.

The rule comes on the heels of President Donald Trump signing an executive order that imposes stricter gun control measures.

After the first day of implementation, the new regulations are expected to cost car dealers $15 million per day, according to the Washington Post.

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