Two-wheeled enthusiast and mechanic Dan Zuckerman says the best way to choose a second-gater is to take the time to study the car’s history.

He says it takes a lot of time to figure out what makes a great car.

“We are always looking for a second hand vehicle to be used, but also a secondhand vehicle to keep,” Zuckers says.

“If you are looking for something that has an older history, a new car, a brand new engine, you can probably find a second person who can do it.”

But you have to know what you want, so it’s a really important thing to know,” he adds.

If you want to do a bit of research on a second car, you should take a look at its history.

Zucker says you should research all the different cars that have had their ownership and history changed by someone else.”

I would go and look at a lot different cars,” he says.

Zuckerman has worked in the automotive industry for 25 years.

He started with Toyota and later Chevrolet in the 1990s.

He has worked at Toyota for nearly 30 years.

“That’s what I love to do. “

I am an engineer, and I love working on things,” he explains.

“That’s what I love to do.

I love seeing things.”

Zuckers car was bought in 2005 by the man who eventually became his second-generation owner, John G. Anderson.

The car was used by Anderson in his day-to-day life and now it is being used by Zuckermans family.

Zuckererman has lived in Idaho for most of his life.

He was raised in Idaho and later moved to Boise.

He’s an avid car and truck driver and says it’s an easy thing to do in Idaho.

“You can drive to work or school and there’s nothing like driving a car or a truck or a pickup to get you through a day,” he said.

“You don’t have to worry about traffic and it doesn’t have a lot going on, so that’s a big advantage.”

Zuckerman says he’s been impressed with the second-person perspective of the owners of the Zuckercars cars.

“When I was younger, I had a Toyota, and my brother and I would get out and we would go for a drive,” Zuckererman says.

“And then the other day, he got out and he drove to the airport and he was gone for about three hours.

And we got home and the next morning we got to work and we were still sitting at home.”

Zuckingerman says he is amazed by the people who drive his cars.

He says that even if the cars are older, they still look brand new.

“There’s no question that they are brand new,” he explained.

“And there’s no doubt that they look new.”

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