It’s no secret that Boise, Idaho has the highest percentage of electric car ownership in the country.

But, according to an independent study released by the Electric Vehicle Alliance, it’s not just because electric cars are cheaper.

It’s because, for a small portion of households, it makes sense to have an electric car.

According to the EVA, households with electric cars make up a quarter of the nation’s electric vehicle ownership.

But the study found that households that own a second-wheel electric car are far less likely to have one.

It is not just a local thing, the EDA says, it is a national trend.

“The fact that electric vehicles can be so inexpensive in Boise makes sense when you think about how many families are in the same situation as our study,” says Matt Fenton, president and CEO of the EMA.

“In a city that has more than 5 million people, that makes a lot of sense.

There are plenty of options in the market, and we know electric cars offer a lot to people who need a place to be and want to be away from the stresses of the modern world.”

The EVA also found that, in the past decade, second hand cars have been offered at a lower price point than regular electric vehicles.

According in the study, the average price of a secondhand electric car was $1,100.

That is a drop from the current average price that ranges from $4,900 to $3,700.

“Second hand electric cars can be used as a primary transportation option, but they can also be used to extend your electric vehicle range beyond your current range,” says Fenton.

“And in a city where a typical electric vehicle is only one of five vehicles, you can have as many as eight electric vehicles on the road.”

While the study only looks at the two most popular electric car brands, Tesla and Nissan, Fenton says that a lot more companies are looking at the idea of electric cars as a transportation option.

“They see a growing market for both second hand and regular electric cars, and they are starting to see that electric cars have a potential to become more of a part of the mix in the transportation mix,” says the EEA president.

“We’re seeing a lot less cars being sold in second hand, and the people who buy them tend to drive them a lot.

We think that there is a real opportunity there.”

The study also found there is some debate about whether or not second-helicopter electric cars should be sold in Boise.

According a report from the Idaho Motor Vehicle Review, the Boise city council has not ruled on whether or when a second helicopter can be sold on a second or a first-hand basis.

In a previous study, a Boise City Council member had called on the city to take the initiative to sell electric second hand helicopters, but the council has yet to take a position on the issue.

The ETA says that it would be a mistake to think that a second option is a “silver bullet” to address the shortage of electric vehicles in Boise, but it does recommend that there be some discussion on whether the city should allow second-wheeled electric vehicles to be sold as a second, or first-helf option.

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