A car hand on the ground and a pair of jeans hanging on the wall next to the driveway, this photo is a photo from a car in a Brisbane car park.

Picture: Craig Faulds.

In January, Queensland police launched a crackdown on secondhand car dealerships in an effort to tackle the issue.

The Queensland Police’s Queensland Transport Bureau, along with the Brisbane City Council, is now in charge of enforcement of the laws against secondhand vehicle sales.

“We are targeting those that are providing services to the public for a profit,” QPP chief inspector Tim Murtagh said.

“That includes car dealers and other businesses that sell secondhand goods.”

Under the law, a car dealer must register with the QPP and keep records of their activities.

The car dealer’s business is considered “secondhand” if it is not sold in Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory.

QPP also has powers to seize goods that are not registered with the authorities and to stop vehicles that are being used in contravention of the law.

Under its Operation Cars2Own initiative, police can issue tickets and arrest people found driving in contraventions of the rules.

There are no specific regulations against car dealers who sell cars without registering them with the Queensland Police.

Police say they have seized an estimated 3,000 cars and motorcycles in the last three months, mainly to buy spare parts and spare parts kits for their cars.

Queensland police can also issue warnings and summons for contraventions.

For more information on this topic, read our special feature on car dealers.

A police officer patrols a Brisbane street in January.

Photo: Craig Wilkins.

This week, QPP officers seized two cars at the Brisbane carpark from two people in what the Queensland Transport Department says was a breach of the first-time offender law.

The vehicles were seized by officers on Monday morning and taken to the QMP’s Brisbane Station for a full inspection.

It is the second time this year that QPP has confiscated cars and bikes from Queensland residents.

In November, QPS officers seized a car from a Queensland resident, charged him with driving without a licence, and fined him $7,000.

But this week, the Queensland Government announced a crackdown to crack down on the practice.

The Queensland Government has introduced new rules for the sale of secondhand vehicles in Queensland.

Under the new rules, a secondhand dealership must register their business with the NSW Office of Transport and Main Roads (OTSM), which is charged with policing the secondhand trade.

Anyone selling or providing services on the premises of a second-home dealer will need to register with OTM and be licensed to operate.

If the licensed owner does not have the appropriate business licence, they must obtain a new licence.

The sale of a motor vehicle is also illegal if it was used in a contravention or the vehicle was used to transport a person for an unlawful purpose.

Read more about Queensland’s first-hand auto market:

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