Buying a second-generation Tesla Model s has never been easy, but that’s about to change.

Tesla Motors has announced a new deal for first-time buyers to get their hands on the car that’s the second generation of the Model S, which is currently available for $70,000 with a two-year lease.

You’ll also get a free 30-day trial of the new car’s Autopilot feature.

The new model is expected to hit showrooms this year, but the company says it will start rolling out the new model in limited quantities in the second half of 2018.

It will be available in two different trim levels.

Model S owner Sam Hoang, who has driven a Model S for the past few years, has already got his hands on a Model 3.

He says that it’s a great car, but it’s still missing something: the electric motor.

Hoang says that Model 3 has a “big battery pack,” but that it is lacking a motor.

The Model 3 will be cheaper than the Model X, but not by much.

Hoan says that the price of the $50,000 Model 3 is “a lot more than the $70k you can get from the Model 3.”

He’s not sure if the price drop will make the Model 4 or Model 5 a better car.

Model 3 owner Chris Smith says that he plans to buy a Model 4 and Model 5 to go with his Model 3, but he’s not happy about the lack of an electric motor on the Model 1.

“It’s like a lot of people have already had an electric car before.

It’s kind of like the Model T or something,” he told the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

“If they have an electric powertrain, I think they should have a little bit more.”

Smith also says that, “I’m hoping that the new electric cars will become the standard, and they’re going to be the standard for a while.

But the Model Y is a different story.

They have an EV, but they’re still getting a lot cheaper than a Model X or a Model Z.”

In fact, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said that he’s been looking for a better battery for his Model S and Model X electric vehicles.

He said, “It looks like we have a battery that’s very similar to what Tesla is using now.

It has a lithium-ion chemistry, but there’s a lithium hydroxide cathode, which has a much lower capacity, and an anode that’s much more efficient than that.

So it’s an improved battery, and I think we’ll see that in the next two to three years.”

The price of a Model E will go up to $7000 for the first time, and it’s expected to have a higher range than the Tesla Model 3 and Model 4.

Tesla Model E owner Matt Lee, who owns a Model 2 electric car, says that Tesla Motors is looking to increase the battery capacity of its Model E to 300 kilowatt-hours, or about 200 kilowatts.

“When I first got a Model M, I thought I was buying a luxury car, and now I’m looking to buy an EV for a down payment on my dream home,” he said.

Lee also says he will be able to drive the Model E “in full electric mode,” meaning that he will get to charge it while on the road.

Tesla has also made the move to have the Model 6 electric vehicle available as an option for buyers of the first-generation Model S. Tesla will start selling the new Model 6 in 2019, but at this point it’s unclear if it will make it onto the road in time.

“Tesla has been working hard on an electric vehicle for a long time,” Hoang told Buzzfeed.

“I think it’s time to get one of these cars on the market.

I think I’ll get my hands on one before it’s too late.”

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