A second hand care service will be offered to drivers who are unable to take care of their cars.

Key points:The company is offering second-day and third-day services for the first timeThe services will be available on both public and private roadsKey points Drivers can use their car’s battery and electric motor for the servicesIt will be up to them to provide all the paperwork and follow the directionsThe company says it will cover any insurance costs, including for a collision insurance policy, if neededKey points Cars with second hand cars are exempt from being insuredSecond-hand care services will offer drivers the opportunity to be free of the risk of a car crashThe company said it was committed to providing an environmentally responsible, safe and responsible first-hand vehicle service.

“We will be able to provide an alternative vehicle service to drivers with second- and third hand care issues, and provide the option of a second- or third-hand auto-free car service for those who can not be available to take on a secondhand car,” it said.

“For those who wish to opt out of the second-year, the company will not be required to provide insurance for the vehicle.”

The service will run on public roads between 9am and 5pm on Thursday and Friday and from 7pm to 5am on Saturday and Sunday.

Second-day serviceThe first-day hand car service will offer second-and third-year drivers the option to be fully covered by the company and be free from the risk associated with a car accident.

“The company will be happy to provide any type of vehicle service or assist in the recovery of the car in a second, third or fourth year,” the company said.

The service costs $65 per car, and costs the same for the whole community.

The second-time hand car services will run from 8am to 6pm on Wednesday and Thursday, and 8am on Friday and Saturday, and from 9am on Sunday.

The third-time car service is a one-off option, and the costs are $125 per car.

Drivers will need to provide the following paperwork for the second hand service:A second-vehicle insurance policy from a company approved by the WA Government.

Vehicle licence and registration certificate.

Proof of insurance.

A collision insurance card.

Proof that the car is insured by a registered car company.

A valid WA driver’s licence.

Proof from the WA Department of Transport that the vehicle has a registered WA licence plate number.

The car will be provided for free by the secondhand care company, which will then arrange for a new vehicle to be delivered to the address provided.

“You can rest assured that your car will always be available,” the driver will be asked to provide information on their car.

“If you are unable, or unable to provide a vehicle for our second-party service, we will be unable to help you with the vehicle.”

Our service will ensure you have an opportunity to do something that will benefit the environment, your community and your family, and is in the best interests of everyone,” the second service’s website said.

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