A second-generation electric car and a new hybrid electric car have emerged as top-selling secondhand car brands in China.

The electric-car market in China has been struggling for years as electric-vehicle prices have been falling.

The first electric car, the Tesla Model S, has had a slow start but the electric-cars market has been growing rapidly in China as more and more manufacturers are launching products that are designed to reduce the price of electric vehicles.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in China because of the cost of batteries and the fact that many people in the country are not yet used to buying electric cars.

Electric car maker Tesla has a huge lead over rivals such as rival Hyundai and Volkswagen.

The electric-fuelled electric cars will be available in 2018, with the first cars expected to hit the market in 2021.

A second-gen Tesla Model 3 electric car is seen on a display in Beijing in September.

Reuters The Tesla Model 1 electric car was launched in 2007, but it took over 15 years to be launched in China with only a small number of customers in China, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

“With the Model 3, Tesla is aiming to change the market dynamics of electric cars in China,” said Zhang Xinyu, a China expert at consultancy IHS.

The Tesla is the first of the Tesla line-up, and the second one, the Model S.

The second-generational electric car will cost $65,000, while the new model will cost about $100,000.

The car is also designed to save some cash on electric car batteries.

Tesla has already started selling a cheaper version of the Model 2.

It will cost an extra $100 per month.

The Chinese government is investing $1 trillion in infrastructure, including roads and bridges, to make sure that the country does not run out of petrol in a matter of years.

“This new electric car can help in the development of the country’s electric car industry,” said Yu Cheng, managing director at the research firm PWC China.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Model X, the company’s first mass-market electric car in 2021, will be able to be sold in China in about five years.

Tesla will be the first company to produce electric cars with the help of a government-backed research program called ‘Next Generation Energy’.

“It will make the electric car much cheaper,” said Mr Musk.

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