Car hand second: If you can’t tell if you’re driving by using your phone, you probably aren’t driving at all.

In fact, a recent study published in the journal Safety Research found that the vast majority of drivers don’t have a cellphone in their hands, despite having a device on their dashboard.

The study found that drivers who had their phone on their dash were more likely to be distracted by other distractions.

While there are a few rules to follow to stay safe, many drivers who don’t own a cellphone aren’t doing it intentionally.

“It’s not intentional at all,” said Mark Dutton, a professor of psychology at the University of Colorado.

“If you have your phone on, it’s because you want to do something, not because you are trying to distract people.”

Dutton said that the biggest deterrent for distracted drivers is not having the phone in your hand.

“You can’t be distracted without it.

It’s distracting.

If you have the phone on your head, it won’t distract you.””

It’s distracting, but if you have it in your pocket or in your bag it’s distracting,” he said.

Another important rule to remember is that drivers with cell phones can be distracted in a variety of ways.

If a driver isn’t using the phone, it can be distracting because they’re distracted by their surroundings, but it can also be distracting for other drivers as well.

In some cases, drivers are distracted by an accident.

If this happens, drivers should keep their phone out of their view as they try to avoid hitting or injuring another driver.

If you’re a driver, you should be aware of the distraction that other drivers may be having while you’re in your lane.

“Just because someone is driving, it doesn’t mean that they have a device in their hand,” Dutton said.

“They might be texting, texting, or they might be looking at their phone.”

Another warning is to look out for your surroundings.

If there’s a lot of traffic around you, look for the cars in front of you, especially if there’s multiple cars on the road.

Dutton recommends that drivers keep a list of the other drivers in the road, and to look for them at any given time.

“Always have a backup plan in place,” he added.

“When someone is distracted, look at them and know where they are.

If they are looking at your phone they might not see you.”

If you or a loved one is being distracted while driving, you may want to check on them or call 911.

But if your cellphone is in your lap, you need to be careful.

“If you are in the middle of a busy road, you might have to pull over,” Dutons said.

The best way to keep drivers safe while driving is to not give them any reason to stop.

If someone in the car can hear you, call 911 immediately and have the person exit the vehicle.

If an accident happens, don’t let it get out of control.

“The next time someone is having a bad day, don.

Don’t let them have a bad experience.

They can make it worse by continuing their bad behavior,” Duckett said.

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