Boise, Idaho (CNN) When I was growing up, my parents’ car was a 1962 Buick.

Now, it’s an Olds.

And it’s my first cars, too.

“I was always in awe of them,” says Lisa, who lives in the same house as her parents.

“And the fact that I bought my first one is so important.

They are my pride and joy.”

Lisa says her dad and her mom never bought cars.

“We always did what was best for us, which was to be independent,” she says.

But the car was her only form of independence, and it was a big part of her identity.

She says she still uses her first car to commute.

“When I get home from work, I just grab it and drive around,” she said.

“That’s what my parents would have wanted.

It’s been a good life.”

Lisa also says her mom has had a hard time fitting in with the new car culture.

“She’s really proud of how she looks in the car,” Lisa says.

“So, she’s not happy about it.”

Lisa’s parents are still proud of their cars, she says, but she’s glad she’s now owning one.

She’s just not sure how she feels about that one.

The new car boom The number of people buying second- and third-hand cars has been booming, with more than 30% of all new car purchases in 2016 being second- or third-hands.

But how is this trend affecting the cars they’re buying?

The first-hand sales boom, according to data compiled by Edmunds, includes everything from new cars to used cars.

The secondhand sales trend has slowed to just a trickle, however, with new car sales up about 2% in the last year.

A key reason is that some of the new cars being sold in the new market are being sold on a limited basis.

For example, Edmunds found that in 2017, more than 2% of new car sold were second- hands, while about a third of new cars sold in 2018 were third- or fourth-hand.

And as a result, many of the older cars that used to be sold in first- and second-hands are no longer available.

But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying to find a second-person car.

That’s where Lisa comes in.

Lisa bought her first used car when she was 12.

She said she was going through a tough time with the divorce and was getting a lot of free time on her own, but didn’t know what to buy.

So, she picked up a used 1959 Cadillac.

“It was a great car,” she recalls.

“But it had the big wheels.

I wanted something that I could drive everywhere.”

Lisa didn’t think much of the car when it first arrived, and then when it finally showed up, she said she fell in love.

“My parents liked it, too,” she laughs.

“They said it was very beautiful.”

Lisa was sold on the car and now owns a used second-generation Chevrolet Camaro.

But she said when she first got it, she was skeptical.

“At first, I didn’t really care what it was, because I didn, too, have a car,” says the 32-year-old.

But, she found that her dad had a friend who owned a secondhand car and it “looked really cool.”

Lisa said she didn’t have much trouble understanding why her father didn’t want her to buy a second car, so she bought the car for her.

“He’s a big car guy,” Lisa said.

The two started dating.

“Just like that, I’m in love with the car.

It made my dad proud.”

Lisa loves her new car, but says it still has a few problems.

She wants a second transmission, and she wants to have it repaired.

And, she still has her dad’s old Buick that was in her family.

“All I really want is a second [car],” she says in an exasperated tone.

“There are better things to do with my life.”

But Lisa says she has been able to save some money, and her dad said he would love to see her buy a used car as well.

“Hopefully, that’s something I’ll be able to do,” he said.

But even with all the financial help, Lisa still says she’s still not sure she will buy a new car anytime soon.

“If it wasn’t for the first car that I had, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she admits.

“Even now, I still think about the first one every day.”

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