2.40 am: The electric car maker Tesla Motors said on Tuesday that it is making a new offer to auto makers for guaranteed second years of warranty covering the first-generation Model S.

In a statement to Reuters, Tesla said it is offering a “guarantee” for electric vehicles on the first two years of its contract with Tesla Autotrader and would offer it to the second-generation model as well.

Tesla also said that it would also make a “significant offer” for second- and third-generation electric vehicles that would not be covered by its existing warranty.

Tesla has a first-year agreement with both GM and Ford Motor Company.

In the statement, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the offer was an opportunity to provide Tesla with a better return on investment for the company, which is still struggling to get the Model S off the ground.

It also said the new offer was meant to “make sure Tesla is competitive in the auto market.”

We have been exploring offers with both automakers to guarantee second years and have made a significant offer to them for Model S, Musk said.

Tesla also said it would offer its Guaranteed Guaranteed Warranty for a model year to customers that purchased their Model S vehicles from a dealer.

The company said it will offer a guaranteed second year of warranty for customers that purchase from a Tesla dealer or an authorized Tesla reseller.

Tesla said in an earlier statement that the offer would cover “all first-gen and second-gen Model S cars”.

The offer was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The company also said in the statement that it planned to offer its guaranteed guarantee to customers in 2018 and 2019.

If a customer is unable to obtain a guarantee, Tesla would make a written announcement about the situation.

Earlier this month, Tesla announced it was seeking to acquire rival Tesla Motors.

This is the first of several such deals Musk has made since becoming the chief executive officer of Tesla Motors, a company he started in 2011.

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