The second-year cost of a new Tesla Model S has jumped by more than 60 percent, and that’s not just a product of the company’s aggressive price cuts.

It’s also a product, the company says, of a second-generation battery pack.

Tesla’s latest quarterly earnings report also shed some light on the future of the carmaker’s battery pack technology, which has a lifespan of 25,000 miles.

The new battery pack, which Tesla says will be available next year, is designed to last up to 20,000 kilometres.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that Tesla’s batteries could theoretically be capable of being fully charged in less than a day.

The company says it has now installed more than 100,000 charging stations, and says it plans to add another 30,000 to 60,000 in the future.

The battery pack has two batteries: one that is used for storing energy and another that stores electricity.

The energy stored in the battery is stored in an electric motor that powers the electric car.

Tesla says that battery packs can store power for up to five years, with a range of up to 250 kilometres, or up to 12 hours.

The batteries will be able to charge the electric vehicle with the grid, or when not in use.

The cost of the new battery will likely be the same as the battery pack used for the Model S. The first-generation Tesla battery packs were available from 2009 until 2014, but the price was increased by an additional $1,000 per year in 2020.

It was supposed to cost about $10,000, but was only $2,000.

The second generation of batteries was supposed a year later at about $2.50 per kilowatt-hour, but cost $2 per kWh.

Tesla also recently increased the price of its Model S by $1.00 per kWh, from $46,800 to $60,000 for the base model, to $80,000 on the optional Autopilot and $100,000 with Autopark.

Musk says the price increase is the result of a $1 billion investment in battery technology that has resulted in a 40 percent increase in battery capacity.

Tesla said it will continue to ramp up its battery production and supply the electric vehicles to customers in the coming years.

Tesla Model 3 and 4 will also go on sale in 2021.

The price for the new cars will be slightly higher than the $35,000 price that Tesla said buyers would pay for the Tesla Model X, but Tesla expects the higher price to be offset by the higher battery costs.

Musk said he expects Tesla to be able sell about 300,000 Model 3 cars by 2021, up from 300,400 by the end of 2020.

Tesla is also expecting to sell about 10,000 Tesla Model 4 cars per year through 2021, a figure that will increase to about 20,500 by 2021.

Musk is confident that Tesla can meet demand for the electric cars, and said that the company is building a manufacturing facility in Reno, Nevada, to build batteries and assemble the cars.

The manufacturing facility will eventually be able produce between 30,400 and 45,000 electric vehicles per year.

The electric car company will build about 50,000 cars per week by 2022.

Tesla currently has about 4,000 production cars in the US.

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