By Business Insider staff article Tesla Motors has launched a new feature on its website that will allow people to get a second-helicopter-to-the-floor guarantee on a Model S, Model X, Model 3, or Model X P.

The offer, available as an option on all Tesla products, will include the purchase of a secondhand car for “up to $200k” and a guaranteed secondhand price of “above $100,000”.

The offer has a number of caveats, including the fact that you’ll need to have an existing secondhand vehicle with “an electric motor and battery” and it won’t guarantee the car will be used for any specific use, such as “a holiday or vacation”.

However, it does give people the option of signing up for a second or third-hand Tesla product, with the option to “select up to three additional vehicles for a guaranteed purchase”.

The price for the guaranteed purchase is set at $500,000, and you can buy a Tesla for just over $200.

The company is currently only offering the guarantee to customers who have a Model X or Model 3.

The guarantee will only be available to customers of the first three models.

A spokesperson for Tesla told Business Insider that the company has been working on this “long-awaited new product” since last December.

“The Guaranteed Vehicle Guarantee is a first for our products, but it’s a first in our history,” said the spokesperson.

“As part of our ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve taken another important step forward in this area.”

With our new Guaranteed Vehicles, we will offer customers a second chance at a brand-new, secondhand Tesla vehicle with an electric motor, battery, and a warranty that will last for at least 30,000 miles.

“The spokesperson added that the Guaranteed Secondhand Vehicle Guaranteed Price is “exclusively” for Tesla’s first-generation electric cars.

The spokesperson said that this “first-generation Tesla vehicle” will not be available in Europe until 2019.

The Guarantee Guarantee also comes as Tesla is facing growing criticism from lawmakers over the safety of its Model 3 and its Autopilot technology.

Tesla has come under fire from Congress over the latter, with some lawmakers questioning whether Tesla’s self-driving car was capable of driving itself at night.

Last month, the US House of Representatives voted to ban the sale of the Model 3 in the US, and the US Senate is currently considering a bill that would ban the use of Autopilots in all states.

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