I had my first Tesla Model S in June 2017 and had it for about six months, but my second car only lasted about a month.

By then, I’d learned that I needed to go with an SUV instead of a sedan and that Tesla’s stock price was dropping fast.

The company had been struggling to keep up with the massive demand for electric cars.

Tesla was making a big bet on its electric cars and Musk had announced that it would be the first carmaker to produce 100,000 electric cars in the US in 2020.

Tesla’s market share had fallen by more than 70% in the first half of 2018, but that didn’t matter much.

After the Model S debacle, Tesla was a billion-dollar company.

And the company was making big bets.

Tesla has been on the losing end of a lot of these bets since then, losing money every quarter for the first eight quarters of 2019.

And with the stock price dropping, that didn�t make sense.

But Musk and Tesla management weren�t too worried about the stock.

They were also happy with the low prices.

The stock was trading at $150.20 at the time of writing.

At the time, Tesla had been trading at about $180 per share.

The low prices were the result of Musk�s aggressive sales strategy and a combination of the stock’s strong fundamentals and its aggressive management.

What’s the first thing you should know about Elon Musk?

Tesla is Elon Musk’s company, and he has been the face of Tesla for the better part of two decades.

He has a strong track record of making bold bets and building businesses that have been wildly successful.

I know that because I worked for Tesla for a decade, from 1997 to 2007, and have a good relationship with Musk.

And in those years, I also learned a lot about how the company operates.

When I worked at Tesla, there was a certain amount of competition in the marketplace for electric-car makers.

That competition was very fierce, and Musk was very aggressive about creating new businesses and creating products that people wanted to buy.

And so I thought Tesla had the potential to become a leader in the electric-vehicle market.

But as we have seen in the past, Tesla did not live up to that potential.

The company has been a big loser on its earnings calls and has lost money every year since.

And that has been one of the reasons why Musk decided to sell Tesla in the last quarter of 2018.

He saw that Tesla had made a lot more money than he thought it would and that the company needed to turn around and grow again.

The price of Tesla stock plunged on that day and Musk sold the company at a loss.

In the second half of 2020, Tesla stock has fallen about 90% from its first quarter.

And Musk has been blaming the company for this.

In the end, it didn�T matter to him whether Tesla was going to be profitable in the future or not.

He just wanted to take advantage of the situation and sell it off at a huge loss.

I don�t think Musk has done that before.

The reason why I think Musk sold it off so cheaply was because he was worried about what he thought was going on with the market.

The market was going up.

There were more electric cars on the market, and that would have helped Tesla to make more money.

Musk had made this big bet that the electric cars were going to make people happy and help the company become more popular.

But in the end it didn’t really matter if the market was up or down.

In fact, it was just a huge distraction for the company.

After the Tesla stock price plunged in the second quarter, the company had a $5 billion loss in the quarter.

That came out to about $2.3 billion per quarter, and the company is now in a bad financial position.

The financial problems are only going to get worse, and it won�t be easy for the stock to rebound.

The good news for Tesla is that the stock will probably rebound at least somewhat in the next year or two.

The bad news is that this will only happen if Tesla stays on a long-term, aggressive, and sustainable course.

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