The latest in motor home and second hand vehicle news, and it is the latest edition of the ABC’s Two Cars, Two Cars: A Conversation.

Read moreA new car has been built for a couple who live in the rural community of Little Cottonwood, about 90 kilometres south-west of Brisbane.

In the last few years, the couple’s second-home has seen a boom in demand from people who are keen to spend less than they otherwise would on their second car, said the couple, who have had a car for more than 50 years.

The first car, which was a 1973 Ford Thunderbird, was sold in 2012 for about $320,000.

That was when they bought the second car for $330,000, but the couple had to cut back on their spending as they had a mortgage.

The second car was sold for about the same price this year, and they have yet to pay more than $350,000 for it.

The couple say the only way they can afford to pay off their mortgage is by driving more.

“We’ve never had any issues with the car, and if we had a problem with the engine, the roof, the windows or anything else, we’ve always got our own insurance,” they said.

“The car has always been our main priority, and that’s the only thing that would make us lose it.”

The couple says they have already driven more than 100 kilometres since they bought their second home and have been driven to other parts of Queensland.

They say they have been able to save more than a $300 a week on petrol since the second house has been purchased.

They have also been able at home to go to the local supermarket, and are also keen to go on holiday.

“It’s just nice to have a bit of space in the house and not have to drive all the way to get to the beach, because we don’t want to have to go all the time,” they added.

“But we’ve also got a lot of fun on the weekends, and we’re going to try and go somewhere else in Queensland.”

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