The sport’s governing body announced the season’s winners on Tuesday, and while the top four contenders will compete for the crown, the race itself could be decided by just one driver.

The top four drivers in the championship standings will compete in the Chase for the Sprint Cup, which begins on July 29.

Here’s how the drivers fared in each of the first four races of the season, along with their top-five performances: 1.

Kyle Busch, 3:36.439 points Kyle BusChamps 2017 points standings: 1 Kyle Buscher (8) (11) 4 Kyle Larson (8)(6) 3 Kyle Larson Jr. (8)-8(8) 2 Josh Wise (5) 3 Jordan Breen (5)(6)(4) 2 Alex Bowman (4) 3 Jason Day (5)-5(4) 1 Daniel Suarez (4)(6)-5 3 Danica Patrick (6) 1 Tony Stewart (7)(7) 1 Joey Logano (7) 0.564.843.615.1.

The top four in points: Kyle Buschy: (9) (9)(9) 3 Danilio Abreu: (8), (8); 2 Kyle Larson: (6), (6); 1 Joey Baddour: (5), (5); 1 Danica Patricio: (4), (4); 0.924.838.856.2.

The drivers in front of Busch: (10) (10)(10)(8)(7)(6). 


Ryan Newman: (7), (7); 2 Ryan Newman Jr.: (2), (2); 0 Jordan Breden: (3), (3); 1 Chase Elliott: (1), (1); 0 Danica Carey: (0).567.744.9.

The cars behind Busch in the standings: (11)(11)(10) 3 Ryan Newman Sr.: (9), (9); 2 Cameron Bradfield: (13), (13); 1 Ryan Newman (8): (8).539.766.3.

The race to decide the champion: (12)(12)(10).5.

Kyle Larson, 5.6.6 “If we are to have any hope of making a competitive championship, we need to see a win in every race, regardless of the position,” said Busch.

“If you win in a race, you win.

If you win two races, you won’t win.

It’s going to be the same as the NASCAR playoffs.

It won’t be easy, but I am going to try to do everything I can to get to the top.

It will be a challenge.

The last two races of 2017 have been tough, but this year has been the toughest yet.”1.

Kyle Brooks: 2:30.664.1.(2) Ryan Newman, 2: Ryan Callahan: 3:02.066.2.(3).

Kyle Larson.


Ryan Stewart, 3.5.6

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