A controversial lawmaker who has repeatedly been implicated in the murder of Palestinian journalists has been linked to the murder, as well as his ties to Hezbollah, a group which the US has designated a terrorist organization.

On March 16, a suicide car bomb was detonated outside the Palestinian newspaper Al-Aqsa in the West Bank city of Hebron.

The bomb killed 10 people, including four journalists, and injured many others.

The alleged bomber, who died in the explosion, is identified as Mahmoud Abbas.

The news that Abbas was involved in the assassination came as the US launched a $1.5 billion investigation into Hezbollah, which the Israeli government accuses of being behind the attack.

A group of prominent members of the American Jewish community have said that they are planning to sue Abbas for inciting the murder.

The group, Citizens for Justice in Palestine, issued a statement in which it said that Abbas “was involved in an attack on the press and the media in order to further his political ambitions.”

It said that it was “confident that the lawsuit will have a positive impact on Abbas’ reputation and that he will face no legal consequences.”

Abbas is a member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, which is dominated by the conservative Israeli right.

The group also called for a public apology to the families of the murdered journalists.

The Israeli media outlet Maariv said that the organization had filed a lawsuit in the Israel District Court against Abbas for “insulting the memory of the martyrs and wounding the reputation of the media and the Palestinian people.”

The group said that “the murder of the Palestinian journalists was an attack against the Arab-Israeli citizens of Israel and an attack that is against all the Arab peoples and the state of Israel.”

The lawsuit is being considered by the Israel Supreme Court.

In recent months, Abbas has been the target of violent protests in the occupied West Bank, with thousands of Palestinians carrying signs with slogans like “I am not afraid, I am alive.”

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which governs Gaza, have been engaged in a violent conflict since 2006.

Abbas is the most senior Palestinian leader to be killed in the conflict, along with former Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and former Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who was killed in a drone strike in the Gaza Strip in October.

The US has previously claimed that Abbas’ ties to the terror group Hezbollah are well documented.

Abbas has also faced accusations from Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, of collaborating with Hezbollah.

In 2016, Abbas was one of the signatories of a letter signed by several American political figures, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the Arab League in Cairo, in which they expressed support for Palestinian efforts to return to full diplomatic relations with Israel and urged Egypt to stop supporting the Israeli regime.

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